December 28, 2018

Search Tutorial/Help

New Lookup Program

  • All scanned documents should be in the Lookup Program. 

You can search by name, book and page, and/or instrument number.

Search Examples

  • Anything 1997 to 1999-7500
    • Search Book and Page
    • Ex. Book 1997 Page 2468
  • Anything after 1999-7500 (Deeds and Mortgages together)
    • Search Instrument Number
    • Ex. 2005-13064
  • Book and Page for old books
    • Search Instrument Number, page # must have 5 digits
    • Ex. 522-00021
  • If not found, check CourtStor, and please let us know so we can make sure to get it transferred.
    • CourtStor will NOT contain any new data after December 4, 2017.
    • CourtStor will be discontinued in the future.

We have scanned deed books back to 1972. Part of 1971 is scanned; anything before this will be in the old records in the back of the building.