• For recording Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Mortgages, Release Deeds, Powers of Attorney, Notary Bonds, Foreign Judgments, Materialman’s Liens and other recordable instruments, except as otherwise noted filing fees will be:
$ 15.00 for first page
plus $ 5.00 for each addt’l page

• Plats and Surveys $15.00

• For recording Mortgage Assignments, Mortgage Releases, and other instruments when multiple instruments are listed in a single document, an additional fee per instrument will be:
$ 15.00 per instrument listed,
not to exceed $ 300.00

• For filing a mortgagee’s or trustee’s notice of default and intention to sell $140.00

• Issuance of writs of garnishments /executions (must be prepared by requesting attorney) $ 20.00

• Filing fee for Certificate of Assessment or any other instrument not specified in the subsection will be:
$ 8.00

• If the recorder waives the requirements for documents found in A.C.A. §14-15-402(b)(1) for good cause, the instrument may be recorded for an additional fee of: (Any document larger than 8 ½” x 11” will apply)
$ 25.00

• Filing fee for initiating a Cause of Action in Circuit or Domestic Relations Courts
$ 185.00
Appeals from District Court to Circuit Court:
Civil Cases: $ 185.00
Criminal Cases: $ 170.00

• Please note that this fee includes the $20.00 electronic filing system fee that Administrative Order 21 of the Supreme Court of Arkansas implemented.

• Re-opening a Cause of Action (for modification of final order) or transferring a case from another jurisdiction by court order:
$ 50.00

• Summons: Circuit or Domestic Relations cases
$ 2.50

• Subpoena: Circuit or Domestic Relations Court:
$ 2.50

• Original filing of Financing Statement (UCC-1) with cost of termination included:
$ 12.00

• Filing of Continuation, Amendment, or Partial Release of Financing Statement:
$ 6.00

• Termination of Financing Statement (If original UCC was filed prior to 1994 and not prepaid):
$ 6.00

• UCC Search (Name only) per name: $ 6.00
Copies of documents for UCC Search 1st page: $ 6.00
Each addt’l page to max of $100.00 : $ 2.00

• Copies (per page, not certified): $ .25

• Certified or Authenticated Copies: $ 5.00

• Fax charge: $ 1.00 plus cost of copies